A Warrior

When I think of a warrior, my mind immediately goes back to the Middle Ages. Of course, I am reminded of knights, but I also think of the common man back when there were no machines to do his work for him. His and his family’s survival actually did depend entirely on his ability to protect and provide, to do manual labor, to fight, and to survive. I think of a man who is strong in all senses of the word – spiritually, physically, emotionally. It’s a strength he gets from God but also works on himself, and that strength is tempered by meekness and self-control. He fights for what he believes in and for what he wants to accomplish. He doesn’t give up and he’s not content to be a spectator. He has a vision and a passion for something that’s bigger than him, and he works hard every day to see it through. He knows how to lead just as well as he knows how to follow, but no matter what position he’s in, he’s never afraid to do what’s right. He has an intensity and confidence that earns him respect and loyalty. At the same time, he possesses a part of him that is tender, respectful, and compassionate. He is someone who will stand by a woman’s side and make her feel safe just by being there. He has a deep love for and devotion to his family and will do whatever it takes to ensure their safety. A woman’s love is not something he egotistically expects or takes for granted. Instead, he counts himself incredibly blessed every day he is able to spend with her (as she should feel about him too). He works to earn her love and respect, and once he has, he does not stop doing his best for her and drawing strength and encouragement from her.

The comforts and conveniences of today’s American life suggest that we don’t need modern warriors anywhere but in the military. But that’s not true. We still desperately need “everyday” guys like this, perhaps more than ever before – strong, courageous, purpose-filled men who are still willing to find the fighter inside them. Guys, whether it’s in something as normal as homework or as epic as saving the world, you can still be the heroes you were born to be. It’s high time we found our warriors again.  

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