18 things i learned this spring

1. It is the inward work of God that matters more than the outward accomplishments of man.

2. Sometimes God shows us how much He cares by allowing us to experience disappointment with earthly things, so that we can turn to Him and remember where true satisfaction must be found.

3. I love hearing people's stories.

4. Jesus's miracle of turning water into wine shows that He cares about small things.

5. There is more time than you think in each day.

6. Disney's 1950 Cinderella is really the hero of her own story - a wonderful role model for perseverance, hard work under difficult and unfair circumstances, contentment in the now, and relentless hope for a better future.

7. Dance is about expression, but it is also about beauty - pure, simple beauty - and that in itself is meaningful. It is a joy to participate in something beautiful.

8. If you have an idea, don't assume it's unoriginal or unimportant. Present it and see what happens.

9. Homemade gifts are always the best.

10. If you need to be reminded of how loved you are, reread John 10 and all the cards people have given you on your birthday.

11. You don't know how much of an impact you may be having on someone's life. Never grow weary of doing good.

12. Coffee shops are wonderful places to nurture creativity.

13. A chief advantage of travel is to remind you that the world and its possibilities are so much bigger than all the things you get bogged down in at home.

14. Learning to let go is a sad but beautiful thing.

15. Never underestimate the power of a well-organized kitchen.

16. Don't leave in order to run away from something. Leave to start moving towards something. If there is nothing else to move towards yet, it's probably not time to leave.

17. Reading The Chronicles of Narnia out loud with your husband is just a great idea.

18. Don't be afraid of new seasons.