18 things i learned this summer

1. I am not invincible. It is okay to say no. In fact, it is often necessary.

2. Don't save beautiful things to use "someday" on "something special". Every day is special.

3. On the other side of any kind of death is always God. That includes physical death, death of a loved one, death of a relationship or job, death of a season of life, death of a hope or dream, or intentionally putting to death the things of the flesh through fasting. No matter what you must walk through, He is waiting for you on the other side, and you will be able to see Him more clearly.

4. This summer I caught a glimpse of what life may look like after full-time dance, and it is actually pretty rich. I think I will be okay with it when the time comes.

5. Don't even bother trying to look for an apartment to rent in advance of the month you need to move. Everyone wants someone who can move in as soon as possible.

6. Less can be more when it comes to decorating. When I started pre-packing some decorations in preparation for our move, I noticed that our home looked more open and peaceful because it was no longer so cluttered.

7. You can't do everything. Stop trying. See #1.

8. Planning an event is both exhausting and exhiliarating.

9. Using Google Docs to collect all your notes and plans for a project is very handy. Also, break up your project into smaller goals and action items. This makes your task look less daunting.

10. Basic principles of good electronic communication:
a. Check your email. At least every three days.
b. Reply to every email in which you are asked a direct question within a week. Even if the answer is no.
c. If the answer is no, say so politely.

11. It is so important to have encouragers in your life.

12. There are few things as soul-nourishing for me as taking a good modern dance class every now and then.

13. I want to be a choreographer when I grow up.

14. There's something special about going shopping for a white dress when it was a special request from your husband, who thinks you look good in white.

15. Joining a book club is simply a wonderful idea, especially when it involves wine.

16. What kind of small bakery owner comes in to the shop only once or twice a week once it's established? Well...the kind who is happily married and spends hours baking and decorating airplane-shaped cookies for her son's first birthday party. That's a kind worth admiring. I found it touching and inspiring.

17. When there is a repeated theme that keeps showing up in your life, pay attention.

18. I've made an awful lot of things this summer. I've made events, decorations, invitations, food, gifts, games, choreography, newsletters, posters, flyers, programs, speeches, announcements, a lot of deadlines, and a lot of plans. After a season of so much responsibility and output, the repeated theme in my life is that it's time for a season of rest. Welcome, fall.